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Stand out online

Everything from web build and content management to market automation software integration.

You don’t have to learn the ropes of coding or SEO strategy to have a fantastic digital platform – our team can do it for you, from choosing the best marketing automation software to developing a custom build with full system integration. Our Brand to Sales™ philosophy means we know how to optimise your website to nurture and generate qualified leads, with a blend of the best tried-and-tested emerging technologies to ensure your digital platform is a powerful tool.

Website development

Building and developing your site

We’re PHP specialists (and CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and Python fluent) who will work with you to define your objectives; we can create custom applications or build you a new CMS that’s flexible, secure and easy to maintain (we specialise in WordPress).


The fast track to more leads

Keyword and performance research will form the backbone of your SEO strategy. We’ll then establish the optimum URL structure and write SEO-informed, engaging content that gets your message across, while improving organic search performance.

User experience

A journey your audience will follow

Whether we’re building and designing from scratch, or improving your existing site, we’ll always do it with great UX in mind. We’ll create bespoke user flows and wireframes, then user test, iterate and refine before it goes live.

our process

Project discovery

We’re looking to understand what’s driving the need for change. Not only is this helpful for us to measure outcomes, it also allows us to focus our UX strategy. Here, we’ll map out your key customers – the goals they need to achieve, what their pain points are – and work with you to define a content and creative direction.

Our approach

Design and iterate

We begin by defining the core user journeys and critical paths necessary for your customers to fulfil their goals, then move into wireframing and visual design. Whether you’re looking for an update to an existing site, or a completely new direction, we have the experience to cover it. We’ll then develop from here to find the perfect approach.

our process

Build and optimise

All websites that are built, hosted and managed by Octopus include a development environment that’s an exact replica of the real thing. So all code changes are deployed on a development site first. Our ongoing maintenance and support includes CMS and plugin updates, bug fixes, security patches, and site performance improvements and enhancements.

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We offer fully compliant dedicated hosting via AWS. Our services can be tailored to your specific requirements and security needs.

User testing

We’re fully set up for remote testing, so you can be sure your customers can engage with your site in the way it was designed.


Knowing what to change starts with understanding your current performance – the key is always in the data we collect, analyse and learn from.

MA integration

Whether you use HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot or something else, we’ve got expertise for platform integration and campaign support.


Our Brand
To Sales™


We take a different approach to tech marketing, built on the understanding that brands thrive when awareness and sales work together.

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