05.05.17 – “We deserve more” say B2B Marketers.

Technology’s the common theme in the news this week: whilst it’s promising a bright future for the City of London, it’s causing security upsets for thousands of Gmail users. Plus, we reveal the UK’s best (and worst) places for 4G speed and connectivity.

We’re not being paid what we deserve, say 60% of B2B marketers

The latest B2B Marketing salary survey has shown a drop in the average marketer’s salary, from £48,000 to £46,442. As such, 60% of marketers believe they’re being underpaid, with just 2% saying they’re paid more than they expect. Despite this though, two-thirds of those surveyed are satisfied in their current jobs, but 54% of marketers interrogated showed their intention to look for a new job in the next year.

Barclays unveils huge co-working space for fintech in Shoreditch

We recently reported on news of the UK coming out on top of fintech’s hottest hubs worldwide, but the challenge will now be to maintain its position post-Brexit. This week marks a successful first attempt with the launch of Europe’s largest fintech co-working space, Rise London, Barclays’ fintech branch. The new space will gather together more than 40 fintech firms, offering hours of workshops, hackathons and networking sessions. The bank’s will to emphasise technology follows a successful first quarter, and coincides with its plan to hire 2000 new employees, with a focus on technology in the next 3 years.

The UK’s biggest cities are struggling with 4G connectivity and speeds

In a newly published study looking at 4G connectivity, London scored a mediocre 16th place out of the UK’s 20 speediest cities. Which? consumer group and OpenSignal revealed that Middlesbrough had the best 4G mobile phone signal, whilst Stoke-on-Trent provided the highest 4G speeds. Brighton had the slowest 4G speed, with fellow seaside town Bournemouth scoring bottom on 4G availability.

Mayor of London seeks chief digital officer

On the hunt for a new job? It’s been announced this week that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is looking for London’s first-ever chief digital officer. Rolling out Khan’s plans to digitally transform public services, the future CDO will be working with local authorities and the IT industry to improve how Londoners and tourists experience the city. The CDO will also develop a new ‘Smart London Strategy’.

Don’t click that Google Docs link! Gmail hijack mail spreads like wildfire

This week was marred by a huge phishing campaign, in the form of an email sharing a Google Docs file, allowing attackers to access users’ Gmail accounts, read their emails and send new ones. Upon clicking the link, users found that the email quickly spread to all their contacts. Google later announced that this attack affected less than 0.1% of Gmail users.