06.01.17 – 2017’s resolution: Reading our B2B Marketing & Tech news round-up, weekly.

Happy New Year! As we leave behind the doom and gloom of 2016, we look to what’s going to be setting the agenda in the B2B and Tech industries this year.

Kicking things off in Las Vegas, the annual CES event showcases some of the latest technology developments, which we’ve summarised below. Back on this side of the pond, The Drum has rounded up the top digital marketing storylines of 2016 – a must-read for those marketers wanting to stay ahead of the game in 2017.

CES 2017: Tech preview of Las Vegas’s biggest launches

It’s become THE event for global tech brands, big or small, to attend and this year’s CES event is proving to be the biggest yet. Providing a first look at which products are set to revolutionise the world of tech, some of this year’s highlights include; voice control technology and other new interfaces, robots, health wearables, transportation, smart home and other “internet of things”, and virtual & augmented reality. The event runs until Sunday.

UK support to tech firms at CES ‘an embarrassment’ says organiser

On the topic of CES, Gary Shapiro, the organiser of the global tech conference has slammed the UK government’s lack of support for exhibiting start-ups as a “source of embarrassment”. In fact, there are nearly five times as many French firms attending this year’s conference as British ones. One UK start-up agrees with Mr Shapiro and commented; “In France they are supported financially to go to those events and we are not”. In previous years there had at least been a UK Trade & Investment stand.

The Drum’s top 10 digital marketing storylines of 2016

Reflecting on the top marketing trends of 2016, The Drum has handily rounded up some of the most memorable marketing moments of last year, which we’ll no doubt continue to see the impact of in 2017. In brief, these moments include data, fraud, Snapchat Spectacles, voice technology, fake news, programmatic, the Internet of Things, AI & machine learning and of course, the President-elect himself, Donald Trump.

Japanese company replaces office workers with artificial intelligence

Yes, you read correctly. An insurance firm in Japan is making 34 of its employees redundant and replacing them with IBM’s AI system, Watson Explorer. Office workers are officially being replaced by machines – the future is now! The firm has said that the move will increase productivity by 30%. According to IBM, its Watson Explorer AI system possesses “cognitive technology that can think like a human”. However, human intervention will still be required to check the payouts that the system is calculting are indeed correct.

Scottish university creates UK’s first fintech degree course

The University of Strathclyde has taken innovative steps by claiming to be the first university in the UK to offer a Masters of Science (MSc) degree in fintech. The programme will educate students on how to accelerate digital transformation in business by equipping them with financial, programming and analytics skills. The yearlong course starts in September 2017 and will include modules on data analytics and financial regulation, as well as the application of new technology.