07.04.17 – Marketers struggling with digital tools…sound familiar?

The first week of April is coming to an end, and whilst it may have started with the usual April Fools’ jokes (and some rather surprising truths), some more serious topics took our attention in the B2B marketing and Tech industries. From artificial intelligence to customer experience, here’s our weekly news summary!

B2B marketers seek more streamlined approach to marketing tools

A recently published study by the Martech Industry Council has shown that although marketers have greater access to data than ever before, they’re not exploiting it on external channels, such as social media and advertising. Despite greater demand for marketing technologies to collect data, marketers are struggling to integrate them, creating challenges for businesses wanting to understand and target their customers better

Is your workplace AI ethical, or even useful?

Artificial intelligence is becoming ever more present in our lives and will be infiltrating the workplace before we know it. The technology brings with it a promise of being more productive by speeding up tasks we’d rather not be doing ourselves, but before it becomes an office norm, there’s some questions to be answered first. Where does the data behind AI come from? Was it built by a diverse team? Marketers also need to carefully consider the ethical, legal and societal impacts of this technology before deploying it.


The GDPR: A practical guide

In the wake of Brexit negotiations, European trading is at the centre of businesses’ concerns more than ever before. Indeed, not only are they preparing to close the best deals possible before the UK officially leaves the EU, but come May 2018 all businesses trading within the EU that handle customer data will have to comply with a new European regulation, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in order to continue trading.

The uncomfortable truth about customer experience

According to new research, many organisations worldwide are failing to implement digital strategies, with only 8% of European businesses having an effective strategy in place. This low percentage is impacting customer experience solutions, which for 77% of respondents in Europe is a competitive differentiator. The top factor driving digital transformation for European organisations is improving CX, followed by customer demands for digital.

 Three AI-related April Fools’ Day hoaxes you may have missed

This year, April Fools’ Day brought its fair share of funny, creepy and annoyingly fake stories. However, for some it was the occasion to cleverly utilise artificial intelligence. Step forward “LOL-BOT”, the world’s first AI ‘comedian’ which uses deep learning to create funny jokes and even uses its cameras and sensors to receive real-time feedback. Venturebeat’s top 3 April Fools’ Day hoaxes were all so smart, they almost got us!