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This week, we bring you news of Microsoft’s biggest ever acquisition, a new tech supergroup on a mission to amplify virtual reality initiatives, and how to use Snapchat to enhance your B2B marketing campaign through compelling storytelling.

Microsoft closes its biggest ever acquisition of LinkedIn

Back in June, Microsoft announced plans to acquire the professional networking site, LinkedIn, for $26.2 billion, which it hoped would render it a principal B2B provider of cloud-based services. The European Union gave its blessing of the acquisition on Tuesday and the two firms will now begin to integrate their products and services. They’re also planning on collaborating on innovative technology, including working on AI (artificial intelligence), cloud computing, machine learning, and more.

Top tech firms are forming a virtual reality supergroup

In related news, some of the biggest global tech firms are forming a supergroup in order to stimulate innovation in the world of virtual reality. The Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA) is expected to be worth $162bn by 2020 and will see tech firms club together on research and share best practice tips for both industry bods and consumers. In a similar initiative, earlier this year a group of tech firms including Google, Facebook and Amazon formed a supergroup called ‘Partnership on AI’, supporting the ethical development of Artificial Intelligence.

4 Ways to Boost Your B2B Marketing on Snapchat

To venture into the realm of Snapchat, or not? That is the question in B2B. As a storytelling platform, it’s a powerful tool in any marketer’s arsenal. In fact, Snapchat ads as a group are viewed as many as 1 million times a day. According to Tech.Co, there are four ways B2B marketers can boost their marketing on Snapchat; storytelling, offering incentives to potential customers, providing a fun brand and building relationships. So why not give it a go and just remember, if something doesn’t go according to plan, your snap will disappear into the abyss after 24 hours…

Thriving UK tech start-ups fear US squeeze on talent

As we’ve talked about previously, the British tech industry is booming, so much so that a pool of entrepreneurs is emerging out of our tech scene at a steady rate. Back in 2010, shortly after parting ways with Google’s London office, Azmat Yusuf founded Citymapper, an award-winning transport app, which will soon begin monetising in 2017. However, the recent news that Google and Facebook are creating hundreds of new jobs in the UK is worrying smaller tech companies and start-ups, who see this increase in competition for talent, not to mention the impact that Brexit immigration controls will have on staffing, as a big threat.

Why marketers need to understand behavioural economics

Getting into the mindset of your buyers and understanding their behavioural habits is indispensable ammunition for marketers. You don’t have to be a psychology expert to understand why marketers need to consider both rational and irrational elements of the human psyche in order to enhance the success of campaigns. The dual-system theory, which explains different thought processes, can be applied to marketing to target both sides of your audience. Firstly, don’t set expectations too high, secondly consider minimising ‘pain of payment’, thirdly don’t give too much choice, and lastly keep things simple!