10 Reasons why life at our agency is bloody great (and the things you won’t see on a job spec)!

Working in an agency can be hard work: it’s pressurised, deadlines and priorities are constantly changing, you feel like you’ve nailed it and a curveball comes out of nowhere…but we love it and that’s why we work in one.

You work with amazing clients in exciting sectors, see direct results for your hard work, and learn new skills every day – all in all, agency life is very rewarding.

So client work aside, office culture can really set different agencies apart.

How they operate on a day-to-day basis, the development programmes, the location and the team all play a large part in helping you make the decision on your next career move.

An agency’s appetite for delivering awesome, award-winning, results-led work is arguably the biggest factor, but what each agency stands for and how they look after their staff are right up there too.

As a taster, here are 10 things we do to make life at Octopus Group a fun one:

1. My, what a nice view you have!

Sitting on the 7th Floor in the centre of London with some of the finest City landmarks in your eye sight all day isn’t too bad in my opinion.

octopus group agency offices on gray's inn road

2. Our OWN festival

We hire a field, take two days off work, spend the afternoon doing a team building activity to keep it work-related (not sure if last year’s Bear Grylls theme fits that brief), eat too much pizza, sing along to our house band in a circus tent and the rest, well, you’ll have to join us to find out…

3. Rewards beyond a competitive pay cheque

Whether it’s winning the best Campaign of the Month, getting a #shoutout in front of the whole agency, being treated to a morning shopping spree at Selfridges because you’ve done an outstanding job….we recognise that a rewards scheme beyond a competitive salary is important.

Our benefits include free mobile phone insurance, free dinners, massive discounts on holidays, shopping, Apple products and almost anything else you may find useful – we do our best to keep you motivated and feeling loved as often as possible.

Our annual employee awards, The Sizzlers, are the second most important event of our year.

octopus group agency staff benefits

4. Transparency and trust at the heart of how we work

That goes for everyone from our interns to our Board of Directors! Transparency and trust are two of our agency’s core values – we’re clear about what we can deliver in our work and what we expect from our colleagues.

5. We’re doing new work so we’re learning new things

Your development journey doesn’t stop here. A combination of internal ‘Share The Knowledge’ sessions by staff in their specialist areas of expertise, external training programmes by industry experts, ‘Campaign of The Month’ presentations (and everything in between) do a great job of keeping our staff’s skills honed. We take training seriously: it matters to you and helps us deliver incredible results for our clients.

6. Socialising (even when you think you’re not up for it)

Free beer, wine and snacks in the office every Friday at 4.30pm, company drinks at a lovely local pub at the end of each month, Cheese & Wine evenings, team nights out, impromptu pizza and ice cream (yum, although not mixed together…that’d taste weird!).

We have make sure we have fun here. After all, we work hard and being able to do that with smiles on our faces makes it feel less like work.

7. Inclusiveness

All of our desks are on the same floor together. The board, Chairman, CEO and wider management team sit alongside everyone else. There are no closed-door offices here and no inflated egos either.

8. A whole games room on grass!

Ping pong – check
Xbox – check
Beanbags you literally sink into – check
Bunch of board games – check

octopus group games room

9. Food, more food… and then even more

What agency doesn’t like food, right?! Every month we vote on our favourite type of snack and then it appears in the office (free food tastes even better!). So far we’ve voted on our favourite ice-creams, lollies, and biscuits. Next up is pizza!

We love holding bake sales for charities, cake for everyone’s birthday, Easter chocolate goodness, Wimbledon Pimms and strawberries, team lunches for new starters…plus we have a weekly fresh fruit delivery – we’ve got to balance the chocolate out with something a bit healthier every now and then!

10. Us

We are down-to-earth people who love the world of marketing and PR, having a laugh together and delivering new and interesting work that exceeds client expectations.

If you like what you’ve read so far and would like to learn more, then take a look at our vacancies page and drop me an email.