10 Years of Roctostock

We ran our first festival summer party long before most companies had even begun to look into unconventional work perks. This year is our tenth Roctostock; that’s a decade of people out in the wilds, having a ball and getting to know what Octopus Group is all about.

While OG has become a B2B tech marketing agency of 60 people, what started as a party in a field with one Portaloo has transformed into a festival that’s a cheeky Coachella for our ‘Brand to Sales’ brethren.

The festival summer party comes complete with food trucks, a band, activities and camping overnight; a formula that’s beloved by Octopedes past and present. Previous themes include Cowboys and Indians, Mardi Gras and Grease, while team-bonding activities have ranged from bucking bronco and duck herding to lassoing.

And now, much to the excitement of our current clan of Octopedes, here’s our theme for 2019:


The theme looks back over the past decade, compiling the best bits of our much-loved summer festival in much the same way as the retro Now! music albums used to compile our favourite chart bangers into vinyl/cassette/CD format (delete as appropriate 😉).

Music has always been an important part of Roctostock. Each year our headline act is the house band, which plays a track list including theme-appropriate favourites (think Summer Nights for last year’s Grease-themed extravaganza).

So, this year’s Roctostock is going to run like a ‘best of…’ list – but which tunes, activities and stories will make the cut? We’ll have to wait and see.

To all current and ex-Octopedes: what’s your personal Roctostock highlight or your favourite funny story? Were you up until the bitter end or did you peak too soon and pass out at 8pm? Get in touch with your memories, and thank you for being a part of our story.

Now That’s What I Call Trivia!
– The Now! series began in 1983
– The original mascot was a pig
– The most successful volume to date is 1999’s Now That’s What I Call Music! 44 (I can testify to the quality of this particular edition)
– The most featured artist is Robbie Williams, with 30 singles