Is 2020 the time to revisit your buyer personas?

There are plenty of triggers that might lead you to revamp your buyer personas. Perhaps your company has been bought, or you’ve bought another. Your product or service might have evolved – or your customer and their content consumption habits might have shifted.

And of course, there might have been a global pandemic. (Although fingers crossed this one doesn’t crop up again.)

Whatever it is, keeping track of who your buyers are – and how they buy – is crucial. The latest version of Demand Gen’s B2B Buyer Behavior Study, conducted between May and June of 2020, reveals:

‘61% of respondents said the number of team members involved in the purchase decision had increased over the prior year.’

The number of people involved in this process has grown to 4-9 people. This is up from our findings in 2019, when we found that the figure was 3.7. There are other changes afoot, too. When asked what shifts have occurred over the past year when purchasing a B2B solution, 71% of respondents said they now have a ‘formal buying committee’ who review potential purchases. So the message is clear: buyer personas are constantly changing. This year in particular has shaken things up for a lot of people, so if you want to keep generating results, you’ll need to stay in the know.

Not sure where to get started? In our ‘Tech Heads’ report, we tell the story of the modern tech purchasing journey, and the different characters involved in the buying committee, as well as the best ways of reaching them.

If you need some further inspiration before you revamp your buyer personas, have a read of our guide to learn about:

  • The most influential personas at each stage of the tech buying journey
  • Each B2B buyer’s separate approach to research and decision-making
  • The best way to engage and unite your buyers