21.04.17 – Cybersecurity #fail

This week, although shorter than usual, has brought with it lots of interesting, (perhaps) worrying and hopeful news. From major concerns such as privacy, to the future of marketing and marketers, here is our selection of various stories across Marketing & Tech.

‘Nearly half’ of firms had a cyber-attack or breach

46%  of British companies experienced a cyber-attack or breach in the past year. Although cyber-security awareness has increased, with 74% of the companies seeing it as a high priority, a recent government study pointed out that a large number of businesses don’t have “basic protections” in place. If they are aware of the risks, companies have to take further actions in order to avoid any more cyber-security fails.

Welcome to the wave of newcomers in marketing departments

Q1 looks bright for the marketing industry, 14.4% of marketers have been looking to hire new staff, against 12.7% in the last quarter of 2016. This is a great show of strength in the marketing department especially with the uncertainty of the post-Brexit business, and the freshly announced general elections next June that could be considered game changers in marketing strategy.

Facebook: Tell us what you think… well, we already knew it.

This week saw the annual Facebook’s developer conference,  F8, during which Mark Zuckerberg made a worrying/exciting (choose your camp) announcement. Zuckerberg revealed that his “Building 8 unit” was working on a “Direct brain interface”, a tool that will allow people to share their thoughts simply by, well, thinking. Whether we find it terrifying or promising, this revelation raises many questions and concerns over our privacy.

Who runs the (marketing department) world? PR!

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen many cases where PR and comms directors have been promoted to senior marketing roles, a strategic decision that is worth looking at. It is indisputable that marketing and PR are converging, but why would PR experts be the new leaders? Their experience in emotive storytelling, their natural focus on brand building and engagement are qualities marketers might lack, having been focused on other objectives such as ROI. However, the rise of social and content marketing brings new demands on companies’ marketing and these are skills PRs have been practicing their entire careers.

B2B Roundup: Going The Extra Mile

Last week, we participated in the Figaro Digital roundtable where we talked through our Breathless Business findings and talked with fellow marketers about the challenges they have that leave them breathless. Check out the key takeaways from the day, plus take a look at our latest research on what makes marketers and comms execs breathless. Download the full report here.