3 B2B websites that say “No!” to being boring

There’s a common misconception that some parts of B2B are inescapably boring – boring to write about and boring to read about. That no matter how hard you try, there are some things that refuse to be dressed up. You just can’t make analytics sexy… The three B2B website examples below show that with a little inspiration, there’s nothing in B2B (even analytics) that can’t be written about in a palatable – even pleasurable – way.

1. New Relic (analytics)

New Relic – who specialise in software analytics – have nailed both their web design and copy. The homepage features simple, crystalline language with a touch of flair. “Thrive in the cloud”, “migrate wisely”, “shed light on your containers”… New Relic shows what can be achieved with a minimal amount of carefully- chosen text – and the occasional metaphor. They avoid overwhelming the reader with excessive copy. But they also work to delight the reader with some clever and original language. A trip to the “about” page reveals their playful side too – “we are all data nerds” announces the headlining copy. The “why new relic” page is similarly good-humoured, with a promise to “awesome-ize” business.

2. Qualcomm (semiconductors)

Qualcomm’s homepage is a thing of beauty. It poses a question to create intrigue – and then answers it in near-poetic fashion. Here Qualcomm uses the kind of navel-gazing copy you’d expect in a car ad – but for the semiconductor industry. Qualcomm manage to tap into the ‘big picture’ of what they offer. Their copy positions them as more than mere technological equipment specialists. The opening statement on the “about us” page inspires rather than bores: “Billions, maybe trillions of times a day…That’s how often people around the world touch something made better by Qualcomm…” Even the case studies are strikingly written – positioned as ‘stories of invention’ that are artfully spun.

3. ZenDesk (Customer Service Software)

ZenDesk wins points for using copy that interacts with design in a humorous way. Take its homepage, which features a message about bringing “companies and their customers closer together” – at the same time as the screen zooms in, bringing us up close and personal with its chosen poster-girl. Check it out in the GIF below: Clever interplay between text and image continues throughout the website… …And elsewhere the copy shows a great sense of humour: Importantly, ZenDesk has an enviable client list – including the likes of Xerox, Vodafone, L’Oreal and JustGiving. ZenDesk’s roster shows it’s possible to attract big business and be successful without being over-serious.

To close… In a world in which B2B buyers increasingly expect their B2B customer experiences to match their B2C customer experiences, it’s time for B2B brands to work harder at engaging people. So, to use the words of ZenDesk, let us ‘go forth and innovate’ – challenging the myth that B2B copy must necessarily be boring and uninspiring. Request A Content Marketing Diagnostic