3 brave marketing tips from TFM

Three brave marketing tips from TFM

Technology for Marketing (TFM) is a must-attend event in the modern marketer’s calendar. It’s packed to the rafters with the biggest and best suppliers for accelerating your marketing efforts, and hosts talks from some of the sector’s bigwigs. Big data and AI were the most talked about trends at #TFM17, something I expected as AI has gone mainstream and big data is being harnessed to good effect by many marketers.

It’s fascinating to see the new, eye-catching technology like holographics, robots and VR experiences. They’re becoming more prevalent in B2C as marketers try to differentiate through a more emotive experience rather than through product features.

For me, differentiation is the key here. Most MarTech is now affordable, as providers are looking to sell at volume. So differentiation has to be achieved through a creative approach to marketing as well as the content that you produce.

My favourite talk came from Ed Relf, CMO and co-founder of laundrapp and ex-CMO of Mind Candy – famous for its Moshi Monsters! Here are three great bits of advice from them on how to be bold and differentiate your marketing:

  • 90% of what you do will fail, but find and scale the 10% quickly

Learn from failures and learn from them fast. This is more prevalent in start-ups and disruptors, but the agile marketing methodology can lead to big rewards in marketing when insight/feedback loops are used to improve campaigns and meet market demand.

Lesson learnt – If you fail, fail fast.

  • Take the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach to testing [marketing].

If you haven’t come across the term Minimal Viable Product before, an MVP is a new product with sufficient features to sell it to customers, and to provide feedback for future product development. This approach to marketing is truly agile. By inputting minimal resource and budget what you can gain from customer feedback can reduce marketing waste and focus on high performing areas.

Lesson learnt – Don’t be afraid to try things.

  • Find 3 marketing channels that work. Then scale.

As marketers we are faced with plenty of channels: email, SEM, social, SEO, OOH, affiliate, the list goes on. But why spread yourself thinly across them all? If you know your customer, you can quickly find three channels that work, stick some time and effort into those three, invest and optimise. Killer ROI here I come!

Lesson learnt – Simplicity is key.

These tips are about brave marketing. They require you fail, make clinical decisions and really know your customer. If you want a sounding board for your brave ideas, let’s talk: hello@octopusgrp.com or 0203 772 8899.