3 top tips to make your content interesting

Content marketing: the message is pretty clear – create interesting content and let it navigate your prospect through the sales journey, while guiding you with insights into their purchasing intentions…. But the word “content” glosses over a raft of fears and questions from businesses we talk to. What is content and what is it not? How do I go about making it? How do I know if it’s good? The following tips should provide a jumping off point to begin to demystify content creation, and provide some tangible advice on how to make it good.

  1. Create something original. Valuable content is not commoditised so if you can find it elsewhere with few variations it’s not valuable. Original market research, a window into a discussion between individuals/organisations with opposing views, a new way of presenting information using open data sources which you have compared, contrasted and crunched in new ways… all of these things have the potential to be unique and original.
  2. Create the content your customer would want, not the content your CEO would request. Maybe even gameify content – award points for anything created to serve a genuine need among your audience. Deduct points for anything created to serve a business unit check-list.
  3. Question your format choices. Eschew the corporate template if it doesn’t best serve the audience. Use the format that is, quite simply, the most useful. Graphic-heavy eBooks are good for introductory content raising awareness, while a whitepaper might be more appropriate for a buyer looking to do detailed comparisons when at the decision stage of the purchasing cycle. Don’t tick a box to produce an infographic every month if you are just illustrating some large typeface % stats with corporate colours and clipart. If the visuals don’t make the content clearer or richer – question their use. Oh – and trust us, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a 4 minute piece-to-camera video with a product manager detailing product features – no one will make it to the end.