31.03.17 – Octopus Group’s Friday news round-up officially triggers the weekend

With the weekend just around the corner, it’s time for a recap of some of the week’s main news. This week saw the prime minister officially begin Brexit negotiations, news that artificial intelligence will dominate banking in as little as three years, and advice for marketers on how they can overcome feeling breathless.

Three crucial things UK tech and digital industries want after Brexit

On Wednesday 29th March, Theresa May officially triggered Article 50, marking the start of Britain’s exit from the EU. But for the tech and digital industries, the next two years of negotiations will be a tense time. For the UK to remain at the forefront of the European tech sector, there are three main factors that tech leaders are hoping will be achieved in order for innovation to thrive after Brexit; namely a smooth exit that avoids implementing World Trade Organisation rules, and continued access to the single market and talent across Europe.

AI to dominate banking, says report

A recent report from Accenture shows that artificial intelligence could become the main way that banks interact with their customers within the next three years. Ironically, respondents of the survey, which included 600 bankers and other experts, believed that AI could actually create a more human-like customer experience, even helping to increase more personalised experiences. RBS and Natwest are already testing AI customer service chatbots to answer customer queries.

Microsoft: ‘CMOs are not comfortable with the growing role of tech’ 

In a fast-moving environment with an abundance of marketing solutions available to CMOs, some of them are “being pushed into martech without knowing how to set up their organisations to be able to manage it”, according to Grad Conn, Microsoft’s US marketing chief. For Conn, marketers should be constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest innovations outside of hours, as other professions such as doctors and lawyers do. As he puts it, “pretend you’re in school for the rest of your life!

Digitisation Drives Sales and Marketing Partnership, but Business Yet to Catch Up

A recent survey has confirmed that 71% of senior business decision-makers believe sales and marketing teams are working closer than ever before thanks to the increasing need for integration within the digital landscape. Business leaders also revealed the main benefits to their businesses of a strong sales and marketing relationship, such as delivering a more consistent message to clients and prospects (52%) and gaining new customers (50%).

The Drum launches webinar to tackle overworked marketers

This week, we conducted a webinar in association with The Drum and Callcredit in order to identify what’s making marketers breathless, and more importantly what can be done about it. Following the recent publication of our annual ‘Tech Heads’ research that looks into the lives of B2B marketing directors, we partnered with The Drum to take an in-depth look at what makes a ‘breathless business’, and what the solutions are to combat this permanent stress. Listen to yesterday’s “Marketers in hyperdrive: The dawn of a new age” webinar here, and read “The Breathless Business” report in full here.