4 free sales tools to get your deal over the line in record time

This category of software tools is commonly known as ‘sales enablement’ and there is a bewilderment of options in this category as demonstrated by Scott Brinker in this part of his super graphic.

Top performing sales people are very able and do their job without being ‘en’-abled by software tools. So it makes sense to refer to these tools as ‘sales acceleration’ tools instead, because top sales people and buyers both want to speed up the process. The benefits of these products are not the enablement of the sales person but the acceleration of the buying process.

Here are 4 sales tools that help accelerate the B2B selling process.

1. Postwire

What does it do?

Postwire is a tool that lets the buyer and seller collaborate and share information privately. It creates a place for buyer and seller interaction beyond meetings, calls and emails.

How does it speed up the sale?

There is a growing body of research (IDC, Forrester) to suggest that the seller is often responsible for slowing down the deal. This is because they do not map what they do to the buyer’s process, but rather stick doggedly to their organisation’s sales process. Postwire helps the seller hand control over to the buyer and creates a place where the seller can anticipate obstacles and challenges in the buyer’s process and share potential solutions.

2. JoinMe

What does it do?

JoinMe is a simple web conferencing tool. It claims to be the fastest growing collaboration tool in the world and certainly has seen a huge adoption rate (50,000 trials per day) since its launch by screen sharing vendor LogMeIn.

How does it speed up the sale?

Web conferencing has become a fundamental means by which the buyer and seller collaborate. However a poor web conferencing experience can seriously damage the buying experience. When the buyer has difficulty installing and running your tool, has trouble with the quality of sound or screen or is unable to connect with the whole sales team, the deal can stall. JoinMe is focused on solving these 3 problems and so removing things that slow things down.

3. LinkedIn

What does it do?

Despite LinkedIn’s expansion into content publication, LinkedIn’s principle value is as a networking tool. Its widespread adoption means it’s the most accessible, comprehensive and up to date database of business people in the world.

How does it speed up the sale?

One of the factors that slows the buyer and the seller down is a lack of visibility of all the members of both decision making teams. LinkedIn gives both the buyer and the seller the opportunity to understand each other’s connections and build up a picture of both influencers and decision makers. It also helps you build a relationship with them, which is crucial for removing obstacles in the buying process.

4. Google Alerts

What does it do?

It is a tool that gives the buyer and seller insight into what is going on in each other’s market and organisation by alerting them to news items and information relating to each other.

How does it speed up the sale?

It is hard to understand the influences on the decision making process even when you have all the facts. On top of that, when you don’t know what is going on in your buyer’s or seller’s market and organisation, then things can slow down or stop without understanding why.  Google alerts provide you with information that lets you pre-empt issues that can impact on the deal.

There may be nothing you can do but at least when you have the information you can think that through for yourself and react accordingly.

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