4 Questions B2B Salespeople Need To Ask Themselves

It looks like a lead, talks like one, walks like one…but, somehow, it never really was a lead.

When you’re selling tech to another business, the sales cycle can be long and gruelling. A lot of time is spent explaining the technology and achieving buy-in from multiples stakeholders. So when a promising lead doesn’t work out, it can feel like your prospecting time would’ve been better spent elsewhere.

Here are four questions for B2B salespeople to ask themselves to qualify-out the tyre kickers, and, in turn, spot the most viable leads.

1. Is there an opportunity?

You can get a good feel for this by looking at whether a prospect has assigned any of their budget to what your company offers. Another useful indicator is whether they have a compelling reason to act, such as a change in executive leadership or a new product to promote.

2. Is it worth winning?

A matter of analysing the short- and long-term revenue opportunities.

3. Can you win it?

Find out if you’ll have access to the decision-makers.

4. Can you compete?

Determine how well your solution fits with the prospect’s criteria

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to qualify-out unsuitable leads earlier. While that can feel counter-intuitive at times, it’s a vital process as it helps you prioritise the most promising leads in your pipeline.

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