5 essential skillsets found in every inbound marketing team

When it comes to online marketing, they say “content is king”…but who exactly who creates that kingdom?

Few purchases are made without some level of online research. In fact, according to inbound gurus, Hubspot, 50% of consumers spend at least 75% of their total shopping time researching online. This is particularly pertinent for B2B sales, where information gathering is even more crucial, due to the high order values involved.

The information can take many content forms: blogs, emails, eBooks, videos, social media posts, reviews, to name but a few. Inbound marketing is about creating this content and making sure that it’s of genuine interest and relevance to the target customer, increasing the likelihood of a conversion to sales and ongoing customer loyalty – the holy grail of any marketing campaign. To create this must-read content, you need the must-have skillset.

Here are the five people every inbound marketing team needs to create your content kingdom.

Someone who knows your customers inside out

Before you can start a campaign, you obviously need to know who you’re talking to and what to say to them. You need a specialist who can help the rest of the team understand the customer and develop the right messaging, as well as manage the campaign from strategy to delivery to post mortem. Not too much to ask?

Someone who can generate a buzz

So you know what you want to say, but what’s the best way of saying it? A pithy tweet…an informative blog…a 3 minute video? All of the above? Delivering the message in the right way and at the right time can make a significant impact on conversion rates. So you need someone who lives and breathes all forms of online media.

Someone who can write amazing content

Once you’ve honed the messaging and mode of delivery, you need a wordsmith who can make the messaging not sound like marketing but, instead, give it an angle that will interest, educate or entertain the customer – even better if it can do all three.

Someone who will make the content look amazing

Words are crucial but to make them even more eye-catching and shareable, they need some visual oomph. From making headlines shine to conjuring up whizzy infographics, the best designers will work to support the copy, rather than overshadowing it.

Someone who can break down the numbers

After the stress of the campaign launch comes the anticipation of results. Campaign analysis is essential to understanding what you’ve done right and building on this success, and what has gone wrong and how things can be rectified. From A/B testing to traffic drop-off rates, data can instantly change the direction of a campaign.

These five skillsets are the foundation of any successful inbound marketing team. In fact, you may even need more than one of each. Together, they are the key to ensuring that your online campaign doesn’t end up falling by the virtual wayside, and instead reigns supreme.

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