5 top tips for recruiting great people

All PR managers with a few years under their belt know that the greatest strategic comms plan in the world will fail to materialise if the team responsible for delivering it doesn’t have the right experience or skills. Recruiting the best people is critical, whether you’re a FTSE listed blue chip or a hot start up, and creating the best possible job description is where it all starts.

Here are 5 top tips to help you on your way:

  1. “Deal with incoming press enquiries” should not be a lead statement. It implies sitting there twiddling thumbs – you want to be setting expectations that even if the phone never stops ringing, there’s a huge focus on building the brand proactively.
  2. Try not to make PR job descriptions too media relations focused. Whilst this may sound strange as media relations is still a big part of what PR teams do currently, times are changing and people increasingly need an appetite for, and skills in, social media and digital marketing.
  3. If you choose to ignore the above advice, and go strong on media relations in your job brief, don’t put the whole focus on print media. Whilst there is still undoubtedly merit in being on the front page of the FT, digital coverage (ideally backlinked) is what’s driving SEO and the website traffic that fuels sales.
  4. Dealing with paid media should be included. More comms campaigns are including paid media outlets and tools to complement their earned media (editorial) activity for a multichannel approach to brand building. You need people with the right mentality and experience to develop with this trend.
  5. Commercial savvy should be prominent in the brief. This isn’t just about your team members being able to manage your annual budget responsibly, but more importantly having an appreciation of the RoI that PR delivers. Great comms is not solely about brand; it’s also about sales.