50 shades of brave

Since I started at Octopus Group back in February, I’ve been obsessed with rebranding us as an agency, particularly our overall look and feel and what our website says about us. After all, your shop window can make or break a prospect’s perception of who you are and what you do. I’m currently in the process of choosing the right colour to reflect our new brand positioning and it has raised some interesting observations. Colour Theory 101 is the basis of any creative or design curriculum and yet, when it comes to choosing a colour that reflects your own brand… well, let’s just say that everyone involved is an expert! Principally, because different colours mean different things to different people, especially as colour preference has a lot to do with our own personal experiences.

How colour can impact buying decisions

Our relationship with brands and colours hinges on the perceived appropriateness of a colour for a particular brand (in other words, does the colour ‘fit’ with what is being sold?) Website creation specialist, Homestead, recently created a compelling infographic that highlights the impact of colour in marketing and how this can influence people. Interestingly, their research suggests that colour can often be the sole reason for purchasing a product or service. It’s therefore crucial to understand the impact of colour, especially when it reflects your own brand, but always try to take personal preference out of the equation. We started by observing our competitors and looking at what colours they use. This is an important exercise of course, but here’s the thing; if you get your positioning spot on, and have the courage to say something different, the colour you choose should feel complementary, but nevertheless secondary, to what you are saying.

The right hue for you

Creating colour differentiation for your brand is crucial when understanding where you fit within your particular industry. However, over-worrying about using the same colour as a competitor shouldn’t stop you as the right colour for your brand might be a different hue. Be confident in the knowledge that colour, combined with your positioning, will give you the cut-through you need. We’ll be continuing to develop our new brand over the coming months, so watch this space in 2017! But in the meantime, what are your thoughts on the use of colour in branding?