6 things we learnt from day one of Web Summit

Day one of Web Summit is over and we’re gearing up for another manic day of keynotes, seminars, pitches, furious exchanging of business cards. Here are six things that Pete Hendrick and I have learnt about Web Summit so far…

  1. Irish taxi drivers are an authority on everything, from the cost of public transport in Dublin to why England flopped at the world cup to how much the Dublin economy will suffer when Web Summit moves to Lisbon next year
  2. Chris Froome is a towering man of great inspiration! His panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon was enthralling
  3. In the land of the start-up, the investor is King. VCs are the celebs of Web Summit, so much so that some have to go incognito (hide their badges) to avoid being perpetually pitched as they move around the show
  4. Bring comfy shoes. Web Summit is big and there’s an awful lot of walking between sites to be done. And despite best planning, every meeting will always end up being at furthest point from where you are
  5. The Web Summit app is addictive – described by one fellow addict as “Tinder for techies!”
  6. The thirst for knowledge is intense. Every seminar I’ve been to has been packed – from future of cloud, to crowdsourcing within enterprises, to the role of diversity in your organisation – everything has been packed, with queues to get in to certain presentations. Everyone wants to absorb as much as possible


Web summit pic via flickr.com/photos/websummit/