A human B2B marketing strategy without being robotic?

I was at the IoT Tech Expo recently to learn about the latest successes, developments and current pain points in the Internet of Things space.

A presentation by robotics company Aldebaran caught my eye. One of the reasons being that Aldebaran brought along “Pepper” who is a humanoid robot that is used for enhancing point-of-sale (POS) shopping experiences.

Pepper joins the dots between purchasing history (think Amazon recommendation emails) and human customer service.

Step into a store, walk up to Pepper and scan your loyalty card or answer a simple shopping question. From that, Pepper will personalise your experience and offer you shopping suggestions tailored to your preferences.

Aldebaran are trying to achieve the same goals as many businesses.

Buyers, particularly in B2B, tend to spend lots of time gathering information before investing in a product or service for their company. Businesses need to give prospects the right message at the right time to join the dots in the buyer’s journey using personalised content marketing to achieve it.hubspot buyers journey and content types

Every industry needs to join the dots, but can any be as fun as Pepper?

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Robot image via flickr.com/photos/maitreyoda
Buyer’s journey diagram via HubSpot.com