A Trend To Embrace And Own In B2B PR

22% of PR professionals see the ‘changing social and digital landscape’ as the biggest challenge ahead – that’s according to the CIPR’s 2015 State Of The Profession survey.

It’s to be expected. Public relations work, especially in the digitally-dependent B2B tech sector, is converging with marketers’ work and the demand to be knowledgeable across two disciplines is greater than ever. Let’s look at a couple of ways that trend can be embraced and honed.

PR is more trackable: The CIPR’s survey showed that 53% of PR professionals are working more closely with their marketing departments.

That trend is hardly surprising, given the fact that online is the go-to (and in some cases only) medium for sharing and promoting a story. The marketing practice of tracking everything has made its way into public relations work and all the better for it.

It makes it easier than ever to measure engagement levels – metrics, such as average visit duration, give insight into how much PR coverage is being read.

If you’re just getting started with online metrics, then Google’s Digital Analytics Fundamentals is a useful video-based course over 11 units that gives a good overview of the core principles of digital measurement, and how they can be used to improve business performance.  Oh, and it’s free.

Greater reach and originality: Media relations is, and always will be, a cornerstone of excellent PR, but there are now new ways to use those same communication skills.

With new social networking sites cropping up all the time, the need for careful brand management is greater than ever.

This funny video from Adobe parodies the urge to dive straight in without thinking things through first:

Blogging and social media mean everybody can have a voice and it gives you the chance to get creative with your campaigns – check out this blog on how PR and social media planning can combine to create a creative and far-reaching campaign.

For more insight on staying ahead in public relations, download Futureproofing The PR Department