A whole #PRstack of good ideas

I’ve been moved to blog on the #PRstack project. Ingeniously conceived by the most excellent industry doer @wadds and supported by so many other PR progressives out there. 

Hats off to those who have spent the time pulling it all together in their own time and with limited resources.  I think it’s the first time I’ve felt really excited about an industry PR initiative for a long time. Why? Well it’s because it’s useful to PR experts who are future-proofing PR and want to try and adapt their approaches and better what they do.  Not just pay lip service to it.

Jon Lonsdale of Octopus GroupOf course, we’ve tried to create our own directory of tools and process internally several times over the years, but the problem is they date instantly.  And no one reads things on shelves anymore.  #PRstack has shown us that we don’t need to do our own – we can share in the wisdom, advice and experiences of others.

It’s also prompted us to think a lot more about the workflow at Octopus Group, and has started a vibrant conversation across the agency about innovating in the way we work with technology.  Which I guess is the other point of the project: to start conversations.

So what are we doing to utilise this for our own use?  Well to start with we’re picking 5 tools that we didn’t use before and beta testing them around the business to work out if they improve us as an agency.  And we have a hunch that they will.  Watch this space.

I urge my fellow PR agency brethren to get involved. And I urge our clients, and future clients, to open their minds and let us try some new ways to better show the value that PR can bring.

If you love tech, love PR and love trying new things, you’ll love #PRstack. And thanks to all those ‘Stackers’ for reminding me yet again that this is a brilliant and exciting industry to be in right now.

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