The art of see sawing: A day in the life of an Account Director at Octopus Group

It is cliché to say it, but no two days are the same at Octopus Group. I have a pre-work routine that I’ve stuck to for the last few years which sets me up for a great day in the office!


6:50am alarm goes off.
6:59am turn on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme just in time to catch the news bulletin and digest the world today.
7:05am flick through emails that have come through overnight, mentally prepare responses
8:15am fire out urgent emails on the bus ride into work, delete spam and check Twitter for breaking news stories in security and tech


I start the day by organising my outlook calendar for the day, and re-scan the headlines in Wired, FT and TechWorld. Followed by a check-in with my account teams on priorities for the day, and adjust meetings accordingly. Discuss news stories of the day with my pod, over a bowl of porridge to fuel the day.

The morning period is often the busiest time as clients wake up and a lot can change overnight, but usually I’ll be doing anything from consulting on a campaign launch, reviewing a press release, advising the team on media targets, checking client’s and competitor’s social channels, to running a brainstorm on a new campaign idea. I feel most creative in the morning so I try to reserve time to work on any new ideas first thing.

I keep Workplace (Facebook at Work) open on my desktop during the day for company news, team questions, and to stay in touch with any of my team who are working remotely. It’s a great tool for agencies as it strikes the right balance between collaboration and allowing you to get on with your work. Plus, I rarely get internal emails!


For lunch, my favourite meal of the day, I like to treat myself to a good hearty dish. I’ll wonder along Grays Inn Road scouting out the little independent cafes and come back with something different each day. Fridays are reserved for treats from Leather Lane food market! Over lunch I might check in on our Social Media Hub group on Workplace to see what latest tools and social updates I need to keep abreast with.


After lunchtime the day may have shifted again, so I’ll try to get ahead on any writing tasks early and leave time to review copy from the team and attend client calls. At least twice a month I try to ensure I’m grabbing lunch or a coffee with our key media contacts to keep in the loop on editorial calendars and what stories are interesting them.

At 5:30pm I’ll be closing down for the day. As I head home I’ll take a final check of emails, but since most of our clients are UK based we tend to work within the UK time zone – although news never sleeps!