B2B sales: How To Hear An Opportunity Before It Knocks

If you sell to businesses, then you’ll know that golden opportunities are hard to find. It’s more a case of making many consultative calls, rather than the phone ringing off the hook.  

When they do present themselves, you’ve got to make sure you know about them, and call, before any of your competitors do – below are some industry changes to look out for and ways to know about them early.

Compelling events that create sales opportunities

Be aware of the changes in your industry that could give your potential buyers a reason to act. They might be applicable to the whole sector or just one particular organisation. Examples include:

  • A change in executive leadership
  • Company mergers and acquisitions
  • Legislative changes that affect the way companies operate
  • A new product to promote

Staying on top of buyer changes

It can be difficult to keep up with all the changes in the industry you’re selling to, especially if it’s broad or dependent on technological developments. Here are some ways to stay up-to-date:

  • Subscribe to industry newsletters and blogs. You don’t have to read all of them, but scanning the headlines each day is a good way of finding out what’s changed and what’s about to. Plus, many of them also carry news about staff appointments and company mergers.
  • Follow your sector’s influencers and publishers on Twitter. Industry news can get lost in the clutter of your inbox, so reading them on a separate platform can work better for some people. Buzzsumo is a search tool that helps you find popular content across social media, as well as the most influential users on a given topic.
  • Save people searches on LinkedIn and receive notifications. Not every new job appointment will be covered by industry-wide news sources, so this is an excellent way to compensate for that. LinkedIn’s advanced search lets you filter by job title, location and industry. You can then save that search and set an email to be notified updated when somebody new meets that criteria. By doing this, you’ll receive an email every week with, what are effectively, new prospects.

The B2B sales-ready signs can often be subtle, but these events and actions will amplify the sound when opportunity does knock.

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