Britain’s best scale-ups and the power of positivity

Thank you to City AM for publishing its recent piece Meet the hottest 50 UK tech startups which are now “scale-ups”! As its title suggests, the article showcases the UK’s top “scale-ups” – the fastest growing businesses boasting average growth of 47 per cent over the past year.

I loved the piece for two reasons. Firstly, some of the companies included are friends of the Octopus Group family – congrats BookingBug, Hiring Hub, NewVoiceMedia and Snap Fashion!

But the main reason is that I’m a big believer in the power of positivity in business, and it’s important to recognise those doing well, and remind ourselves that there are plenty of success stories in what at a macro level doesn’t appear to be a ‘growth market’.

Prospering in an uncertain climate

With all the Brexit naysaying, concerns about the economy not bouncing back at the rate people hoped, Nicola Sturgeon’s determination to bring about the Scottish vote again, and plenty of political instability internationally, it’s easy for businesses to get cold feet and lose confidence in their future, and that’s where the rot sets in.

But we see lots of our clients positively thriving: on the front foot, growing nicely and cautiously confident. The thing that our most successful clients all have in common is that they understand they need to adapt to their environment – but that fundamentally, businesses with strong cultures, great products, a clear vision, great marketing execution, astute financial management and confidence will thrive even more in down markets as they take the business from their competitors and by being stubbornly determined to continue to deliver their A-Game.

Here’s to the power of positivity!