The changing role of marketers

Our recent Breathless Business report, which looks into the lives of B2B marketing and comms execs, revealed that for 62% of respondents, the marketing department is not seen as strategic in its approach. Seemingly there’s a disconnect with other stakeholders as to the role of marketing in the business, which in 2017 is progressively defined by activities and output, and not goals.

Moving beyond brand awareness

According to a recent article in Demand Gen Report; “the CMO is now expected to move beyond traditional responsibilities and maximize marketing’s contribution to overall business goals and revenue” which brings with it the need for marketers to expand their areas of expertise. Essentially, marketers must develop strategies that not only increase brand awareness, but that closely meet the business’s needs; from acquiring new clients to providing the best customer experience.

This aligns with the findings of our report on the skillset investments that marketers are now making. In 2016, creativity was the biggest priority for marketers (38%), however this year, making effective use of technology has become the biggest focal point for 46% of respondents.

Same title, different job

Engaging audiences that are themselves adopting new technologies and channels means that selecting the right tools and adopting the latest innovations is crucial for marketers. But innovation shouldn’t feel like a distant goal. Customer focus must be more than an afterthought.

Furthermore, marketing can no longer function as a siloed department if it is to be seen as strategic by the rest of the business. As the scope of the marketer’s role evolves, it’s becoming vital to work in sync with other areas of the business, particularly business development and the web development team.   

Ultimately, the marketer’s role is changing, but by creating a simple, shareable plan that aligns marketing to company strategy, along with investing in technological skills, will give marketers the edge to disrupt and dominate – both internally and in the wider market.

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