Content Marketing Helps You Get Into Bed With The CIO

Do you want to get into bed with the CIO? Well, 36% of CIOs research IT products and services in bed, making it one of the most popular research locations, so ‘yes’, you do. The stat is one of a host of findings we learnt in Tech Heads, a research project about the way IT decision makers find and consume the information that informs their buying – let’s look at some of the ways B2B content marketers can engage the CIO before they drift off to the land of nod.

Check the formatting across different screen sizes
The stat about 36% of CIOs researching from bed is a sign of the times: mobile connectivity means they can read content whenever and wherever they want. After public transport (50%), it’s the most popular out-of-office research location. It’s not enough to have your blog or email looking good on a desktop, you need to cater for a variety of screen sizes to ensure legibility in your content. Before hitting ‘publish’ or ‘send’, preview your content first on different phones and tablets – you’re unlikely to get it looking perfect across every single device, but you’ll be able to check and correct the major formatting issues.

Let the experts talk and you’ll make the shortlist
When shortlisting solutions, 57% of CIOs will use expert opinions and 54% use reviews to narrow down their selection. If somebody has written a positive review about your product, use it in your next blog or email. If they haven’t, speak to your sales team and see if you have a customer that can wax lyrical about what your company does.

Provide evidence to stay in the running
Case studies are one of the most influential content types for CIOs, when they’re getting ready to make their final decision, with 29% saying they rely heavily on them. Work with your sales team and reach out to your customers, and see which are happy to participate in a case study. Draw up a list of what you want somebody to know and feel about your product after reading the case study, then devise a list of questions for your participating customers according to these goals. Once you have the responses, you can create compelling stories that shine the spotlight on what your business has done in the past to help a company overcome a challenge or reach a goal.

Download Tech Heads for more research-based insight to keep the CIO reading late into the night.