Creating targeted website content

As marketers, we know that website content needs to be targeted. But in practice, that can be easier said than done.

Creating content that speaks to the varied customer base of many B2B tech businesses can require an organised and complex strategy.

This year, market research company Forrester reviewed the website content of 60 B2B businesses to see how well they tailored content towards their customers. It found that:

  • Only 19% of respondents included a demonstration of business outcomes grounded in specific, tangible metrics
  • Just 7% showed measurable outcomes compared to other products or current approaches
  • Perhaps most surprisingly – just 3% made clear comparisons with competitors’ offerings
  • The general trend that persists is that companies focus on their products and what they do or how they work, rather than focusing on how the product helps people in their roles, leading to tangible business benefits.

Perhaps that’s because finding out the answer to these questions involves speaking to your customers. For specifics around how your clients use your product, or to discover the benefits they’ve enjoyed, there’s no way around it; you need to ask them. In this instance, your sales or client services teams can help you. They have the valuable insight that regular, direct contact with clients provides.

What do customers, or prospects, want to know?

Usually, before making a B2B buying decision, customers identify a need for a particular service. They then try to understand how the main players or providers compare, and which would be best suited to their situation. Finally, they’ll consider cost and whether they’ll be able to demonstrate ROI and justify the spend.

So you need to support them on that journey, or risk losing out to a competitor who says it better.

Sure, there’s a place for explaining what you, as a business do – and the products you offer. But this information is only relevant for those who are right at the top of your marketing funnel. You should be producing content for bottom-of-funnel prospects and, first and foremost, for your customers.

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