A day in the life of an Account Director

A few things I’ve noticed about being an Account Director at Octopus Group is the pace at which you need to work, the questions that come flying in from all directions, and the need to think on your toes as situations arise that you simply haven’t planned for. Often this means that a day, a week, or even a month can fly by, with everything blurring into one. It also means my nine months here have raced by…


I’m by no means an early-bird. I get in for 9am and am always lifted by the warm greetings and chatter from the team – no matter the weather and the state of our morning commutes. I fire up my laptop and then head straight for a coffee.

We usually catch up as a team at our desks over whatever breakfast bits provided by the agency we’ve decided to go for that morning. We usually spend a quick fifteen minutes setting ourselves up for the day and making sure everyone is spending their time on the right things.

Next up, it’s catching up on emails and probably a few weekly client conference calls. We run through campaign updates, answer client questions and ask a few ourselves; where we need input and agreement on our consultancy to clients.


I’m co-running the second of a series of paid social training sessions, alongside Michael in my team – he’s a digital superstar. Pretty much once a week there’s a lunchtime ‘share the knowledge’ session where we all get together and learn from an expert within the agency. These sessions range from PR 101, or client management, to social media and copywriting.

Post lunch, it’s time to actually spend some time at my desk! I approve bits that come across from the team – everything from copy, trickier client emails and reports, to more strategic pieces including plans and activation proposals. I’ll spend time checking these so the team can action them, before getting on with my work, which could be a new biz proposal, strategy document or just general admin.

Emails are continuous; my once perfectly organised inbox has been suffering from the influx. I have to reply to clients about some bits and bobs and have also noticed something on ‘Facebook Workplace’, which we use for agency-wide comms, that I need to reply to. This afternoon includes spending time with my amazing Senior Account Manager, Izzy, to show her the plan for an Outbrain campaign we’ve sold in as additional activity for a client’s campaign.

End of the day

I always check-in with the team near home time to make sure we’re all supporting each other and can leave near-enough on time as possible. That’s another great thing about OG, unlike the other agencies I’ve worked at, they’re really good at encouraging people to leave on time.

I’ve had the pleasure of being an Account Director at OG for nine months now, and it’s been some of the busiest but happiest working months of my life. Within weeks I felt at home and I feel lucky every day for the ‘family’ vibe of my team and across the agency (as cheesy as that sounds!) I’m fortunate enough to manage a great team of talented people and enjoy the challenge of being an AD.