A day in the life of a Senior Account Executive

Ioiana_Luncheon (002)Octopus Group is a fast-paced environment and that makes a challenging and rewarding place for senior account executives to get stuck in.  I’m involved in everything from client calls to writing copy to pitching stories to media and managing client social media accounts. One thing that I love about working at Octopus Group is that the days just fly by. I get in at 9am and before I know it its 5:30pm. I think that shows that not only is there plenty to do (and never a dull moment) but that I enjoy my job. 


My day usually starts by scanning for industry news for one of my clients in the pensions sector.  I read the latest news in various pensions news sites as well as a few national newspapers. This has really helped me get to know the industry and the issues it faces and it feeds into the content ideas we come up with as a team. I then draft social media posts (usually for Twitter or LinkedIn) for my client’s Twitter account and for the company’s general Twitter feed.

The team usually gets together daily to go through the days actions and priorities at around 10am. Everyone runs through what they have on their to-do list and this is some times adjusted depending on what is going on with our clients that day.

We usually send out press releases to media via email in the morning. Depending on the week (some weeks are more busy than others for client announcements), we send out between 2-4 per week. Once we’ve issued the release we have to ‘follow up’ with media, meaning we call our key media contacts to see if they’d be interested in covering the story.

Client conference calls are also a big part of our mornings. It’s during these weekly or biweekly calls that we usually run through the week’s activities and discuss our client’s priorities for the next few days.


Once the clock strikes 12pm, I take my much needed lunch break, sometimes at my desk on Facebook, catching up on news or celebrity gossip. I sometimes stop by Leather Lane to get some delicious food from the numerous food stalls.

I often dedicate the afternoon to writing various bits of copy, either social or articles and blog posts, client reporting or pitching by-lines to trade publications for my clients. Copywriting takes time and I find the afternoon the best time for writing, as mornings can be hectic. I take some time out to pitch client content and interviews to their key media targets.

I’ve been at Octopus Group for almost a year now and from day one, I’ve really enjoyed working here. My clients are diverse, ranging from pensions providers to recruitment companies and tech startups. But what really makes Octopus Group a great place to work are my team and the people as a whole.