Do you leave your PR to chance and luck?

Today, PR is a very different business to what it was even a couple of years ago.

It comes down to taking a hard-nosed approach and increasingly that means understanding what we’re trying to achieve with using PR as a business tool rather than leaving it to chance and luck.

PR used to be about the “transmit” mode of communication. In the context of today’s social channels “transmit” means blog posts, webinars, video/podcasts, twitter posts, upload of content to the Facebook page and that sort of thing.

But PR needs to be so much more than that.

There’s a universal truth that most business people know: companies and enterprises succeed by getting, stealing, keeping and growing customers and clients. Customers and clients are the only reason we build railroads, manufacture convenience foods, send satellites into space and manufacture fire retardant furniture.

Where there’s been a bit of disconnect in our industry is that many colleagues often fail to see why sales and marketing – including PR – must be aligned to the business strategy.

And this is where we should be adding value.

Business strategy is about making choices and deciding where and how to compete and how to make a profit from it. Strategy provides clarity, vision and purpose. And sales and marketing planning is absolutely integral to this process.

It’s why outcomes, not just outputs, really matter.

Ardi Kolah is the author of The Art of Influencing and Selling.