Does your inbound marketing team have the right writer?

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

It’s an Anton Chekhov quote that captures the ‘show, don’t tell’ advice of writing in a best practice kind of way – I heard it years ago and it’s stayed with me all this time. Chekhov practised what he preached with those words. I think the best kind of writing makes you feel something – it’s not enough to make it easy for the reader to understand what you’ve written, it has to stick in their memory too.

Strong copy is a cornerstone of inbound marketing and marketing in general. The problem is writing is hard, and finding a great writer isn’t any easier, so here we take a light-hearted look at what kind of writer every inbound marketing team needs.

First of all…what’s inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method of marketing that involves creating content specifically designed to appeal to your ideal customers.

It draws on the customer trend of researching extensively online before deciding to buy – something that’s particularly apparent in B2B where the order values tend to be high and often involve long, research-based sales cycles.

Inbound marketing gives you a fully-fledged digital marketing campaign that delivers relevant messages to your audience and excellent results, as shown here in this study by inbound pioneers HubSpot.

The need for different roles and skills

That content could be in a variety of forms such as blog posts, white papers, videos or webinars, and should be tailored to suit your customer’s needs at each stage of their research process – sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

The diversity of the content means that your team’s writer – the one who’s actually writing all those valuable resources – needs to not only be a talented wordsmith who can create nice flourishes with their words, they need to be versatile with those skills and understand who they’re writing for too.

The profile of a brilliant (and versatile) writer


Role: Somebody that can write engaging short, mid-length and long copy, whether for blog posts, emails, eBooks, case studies or video storyboards

Strengths/experience: Creative and versatile enough to write for any brief, can bring a message to life with their words, eagle-eyed proofreader

Technical skills: Microsoft Word, content management systems (such as Drupal or WordPress)

Most likely to say: “I love Microsoft Word – ‘Track Changes’ changed my life”

The writer’s place within the team

Effective inbound marketing teams have the skills, experience, creativity and passion for creating valuable content for their business’s audience. The best teams have an inbound champion to project manage it all, a brand engagement specialist to create a buzz around the content, a designer to bring it to life on a visual level, and a campaign optimiser to find what is and isn’t working and how to improve it.

The writer’s role is at the heart of the of the content creation. They make it valuable for audiences by using their words to show value, rather than tell it.

To learn more about the people behind highly-effective inbound marketing teams, download our guide on building an inbound marketing team.

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