How on earth do you create an award-winning marketing campaign?

We all know that social media advertising is a great platform for growing brand awareness and generating leads. But getting it right isn’t always easy – especially when you’ve got a complicated brand message to promote. It’s one thing if you’re selling hardware. Quite another if you’re a global satellite company at the forefront of the commercialisation of space, trying to target execs at National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCA) – like Octopus Group’s client Earth-i.

Which is why we’re delighted to learn that our NMCA campaign for Earth-i has won the LinkedIn Marketing Award for Best B2B Brand Campaign for Small Businesses!

And it’s no wonder why. Our paid LinkedIn campaigns delivered 118,000 impressions and over 2,300 clicks, with a cost-per-lead (CPL) as low as £8.44 and a cost-per-click (CPC) of £1.57 – generating over 300 leads in 20 countries in the process. When you consider the average CPL for a B2B marketing campaign can reach into the hundreds and the average CPC can go up to £13, you might call these ‘out of this world’ results. Am I right?

Guys … I said ‘out of this world’. Get it?


So, how on earth did we manage this, you ask? Well here it is. Our astronomically successful eight step plan:

  1. Dissecting the brief:

    Earth-i tasked us with identifying and creating a messaging framework and marketing strategy for its NMCA buyer persona. The key objectives were to:

    – Reach Earth-i’s specific addressable audience of around 1,000 national mapping agency executives in over 200 countries.

    – Raise awareness across language barriers and countries at different stages of development.

    – Drive leads to support and influence a long buying cycle of up to two years

    We referred back to these objectives throughout the campaign to ensure we remained on brief, and created a marketing strategy that covered the stages described below.

  2. Putting the right tools in place:

    As a HubSpot partner, we were well positioned to guide Earth-i through the integration process with their website and Salesforce. We built templates for landing pages and emails, with best practice to drive engagement and encourage form fills.

  3. Getting the messaging right:

    We ran a messaging workshop with key Earth-i stakeholders to paint a picture of the NMCA buyer persona, including who they are, what drives their behaviour, and how they think and buy. A second workshop gave us the information we needed to create Earth-i’s overall NMCA proposition framework that underpinned all the campaign messaging.

  4. Creating engaging content:

    With the new messaging in place, we created sustainable content for prospects to engage with across the marketing funnel, including an infographic, eGuide, case study and NMCA proposition document. All the content was brought to life with Earth-i’s own incredible satellite images to give it a creative edge and engage the audience.

  5. Using the paid LinkedIn platform:

    We decided to use the paid LinkedIn platform, as it’s a great tool for reaching niche audiences. We created bespoke ads using the NMCA messaging, and split tested the promotion between Sponsored Updates to drive the audience to gated landing pages, and in-platform lead generation cards with a reduced barrier to lead capture.

    There was a total addressable audience of around 1,000 national mapping agency executives across 200 countries. So we used our persona information for very specific audience targeting. And each ad format was divided into categories, targeting by seniority, job title, location or company, so we could be sure we were reaching the right prospects.

  6. Using a multi-channel approach:

    Every successful marketing campaign needs a multi-channel approach that gets to all the platforms used by the key audience. So we created an organic social campaign for LinkedIn and Twitter, blogs for the Earth-i website, and an email campaign to amplify the content further.

  7. Capturing and nurturing leads:

    Our content was hosted on bespoke HubSpot landing pages, with copy written to encourage downloads for gated pieces. And eGuide form fills triggered entry to the campaign workflows, which helped push prospects through the funnel by feeding relevant content at each stage, turning leads into Marketing Qualified Leads. Four of these leads have already turned into opportunities, showing how strong, targeted content marketing can shorten the sales cycle.

  8. Aiming for the sky:

    Our aim for this campaign was to deliver bigger and better results for Earth-i. That meant regular analysis of our work, optimising activities, and then making improvements. Whether that was AB testing landing pages, switching off lower performing ads and tweaking the creative, amending workflow paths, or experimenting with the times of day paid campaigns ran.

And we didn’t stop there. If your target audience is hungry for your content, then making sure there’s more to give them is a no brainer. So we’ve already kicked off a second phase of activity to re-market relevant content to people who engaged with the initial campaign and to push them through the funnel.

We’re dead chuffed to have been recognised by LinkedIn for our work with Earth-i. If you want to hear how we can do award-winning demand generation, social and content for your business then get in touch today.