Email Wizardry: 6 tips to make the CIO click

Well done. Your company has just finished working on its latest tech product and you want to tell the whole world about it. Well, not the whole world (your baby niece and pet cat won’t care), just the ones that’ll be interested in it…the IT decision makers, the CIOs. So you send an email about it and get a 15% open rate and 6% click-through rate. Not bad, pretty ordinary stuff…but what if the numbers were extraordinary? Emailing lessons from The Wizard of Oz Some great marketing lessons about using audience insight can be found in the wizard in The Wizard of Oz (go with us on this). His audience is made up of characters each with their own needs but he’s able to help all of them with a solution relevant to each of them: the tin man gets his heart, the scarecrow ends up with a brain, the lion becomes courageous, and Dorothy finally arrives home. Of course, the wizard knows what to give them because they make it plainly obvious what they need – each of them breaks into song about it when we first meet them! The wizard turned out to be just an ordinary man, but that musical insight into each of their pain points enabled him to achieve extraordinary results. No IT Director is going to break into a song about their ideal business solution, but we’ve spoken to lots of them and collated the results – Tech Heads ‘The Human CIO’ is the insight you need to make the CIO click your next email. Let’s make your next email extraordinary with these six tips 1. Make the subject line snappy, clear and in their language To be effective, the email first needs to be opened and that starts with the subject line. If it’s too long, then not all of it will be displayed so aim for under 50 characters. IT professionals are busy people so make it clear exactly what you’re offering, and phrase it in a way that’ll appeal to them – what words and concepts pique their interest? 2. Keep the email short ‘The Human CIO’ revealed that when first researching solutions, 60% of them prefer messages that are around the 150-word mark. 3. Show them you value them 76% of IT directors would rather be treated as a person than just another sales opportunity. Show them you value their time and are not just after their money – give them something without asking for anything in return. Got a simple industry tip to increase efficiency? Then share it with them. 4. Make the offer and message relevant to what they’re looking for If you don’t know what they’re looking for, then simply ask. Next time they fill in a form or interact with you, ask them what their biggest business challenges are…you can then use that insight in your next email campaign. 5. Make your email compatible with mobile devices 50% of CIOs research IT products and services on public transport so make sure your email is easy to read on different screen sizes. Send test versions first to smartphones and tablets and see how it looks on them – simple email designs tend to look the best across all the different formats. 6. Make it easy to share The good news is if you’ve followed the first five tips, then your reader will do your promotion for you and want to share it with their business network…62% of CIOs find recommendations useful during the initial research stage – so make sure you include social media and email sharing links at the end of your message, making it easy for your reader to spread the word. Follow those six tips and you’ll be on the yellow brick road to becoming an extraordinary email wiz in no time. For more insight, download Tech Heads ‘The Human CIO’ and start becoming extraordinary today