Something every CMO wants to know – What makes up a modern CIO?

We recently organised a marketing panel unveiling the latest findings from this year’s Tech Heads 2014 project, a yearly investigation into CIO purchasing patterns and preferences.  Held in London to coincide with 2014 Inbound Marketing Week, the event uncovered a number of interesting developments.

Ambient content marketing may be most effective to generating technology leads 

Ambient content marketing is a little akin to ambient advertising, something that’s been around the British advertising agency circles since the early 2000s. Essentially, an ambient campaign is similar to a guerrilla SEO campaign: you need to ‘seed’ your content personally, in a targeted fashion to attract the greatest number of relevant eyeballs.

This kind of content helps lead generation activity, as nearly three-quarters of the CIOs we speak to say they long-list potential partners based on the primary research they do themselves – and this information is gathered in an ongoing and never-ending cycle of absorption.

How do I incorporate ambience into my 2014-2015 content plans? And how can I attract CIOs to my content in a crowded market?

76% of CIOs we polled demanded more personalised content, rather than being treated as a sales prospect – in fact, 35% of CIOs considered this a ‘critical’ part of communicating with vendors.

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