Extreme makeover: OG office edition

Whether we’re doling out monthly superstar awards or planning our annual festival, culture has always been high on the OG agenda. The office is where we spend most of our time, after all, so we’ve always striven to create a home-from-home vibe.

This summer, we thought it was time to make sure our environment matched our attitude, so we set about the exciting task of an office makeover. And (as you can see from the snaps of our housewarming party) the results have been pretty spectacular.

We’re a creative bunch, so we knew standards would be high – but from the reaction so far, we think we’ve exceeded expectations! For example, we lay on breakfast every morning, but now we’ve got a kitchen worth lingering over. Not to mention a swish new meeting room that’s given more than a few Octopodes some serious dining room inspiration. The Field (host to the much beloved Ping Pong table) has seen a new addition too – we’re already looking forward to the inevitable OG darts competition at Christmas. Although if the holes in the wall below the board are anything to go by, some of us might need to get a bit more practice in…

But it’s not just about the fun extras. The Brand to Sales approach rests on collaboration between teams and the constant exchange of knowledge. One of our big priorities for the makeover was building a space that actively encourages this collaboration. In lots of offices, the options are huddling at a desk or a formal meeting room environment. Our new benches are a relaxed alternative to this, as well as being a great way of showcasing some of our all-time favourite ‘Overheard at Octopus Group’ one-liners.

Ultimately, it’s a space that reflects our vibe and allows Octopedes to be themselves. David and Amy at CCWS were the creative brains behind the project, and we can’t thank them enough for their hard work, energy and vision. Here’s to our shiny new home-from-home… anybody for a game of darts?