Five resolutions for business growth in 2016

“New Year, New me”. The classic end-of-year phrase in which everyone vows to do all the things they were supposed to do over the past year…next year. But, with the latest ONS figures showing a slight increase in the UK economy, this year really is the time for a new start, especially for small businesses. In light of this, we’ve pulled together five resolutions that every start-up and SME should abide by if they want to grow their business in 2016:

1. I will develop and refine my buyer personas

Buyer personas are vital in helping you to understand your audiences and can vary by any type of segmentation: vertical market, job role, interests, buying status etc. This must be a priority for the year ahead in order to create targeted sales and marketing strategies which will drive business growth.  The number of appropriate personas to create is subjective but should be based on the ability for the organisation to develop distinct content, or campaigns for each group.

2. I will be known as an expert in my field

Once you’ve sorted your buyer personas, the next step is to ensure you are creating good quality content to target these groups effectively. Not only will this help to generate marketing and sales qualified leads, but your knowledge and perspective on chosen topics will also help you to be known as a respected expert in your particular field.

3. I will actively raise awareness of my brand

Aside from pushing out effective content, it is also important to raise awareness of your brand by attending industry events and entering relevant awards to boost your presence in your sector. There are tonnes of great opportunities out there, you just have to be willing to get up and go to them. After all, you never know who you might meet, and what connections they may have that could benefit your business.

4. I will make time to learn

An important part of being a small business owner is accepting the fact that you don’t necessarily know everything and you will always need to make time to learn more. Whether this be finding out more about your market, learning a new skill that will help your business to accelerate, or just meeting up with other business owners to learn from their experiences. The very best CEOs are the ones who recognise this and take it upon themselves to learn more.

5. I will stay motivated

This goes without saying for any business owner. There will be days where you think ‘what is the point?!’ but the key is to push on, keep your goals in sight and stay motivated. We recently spoke to a bunch of business owners as part of our work with Real Business Disrupts and this has been one of the key takeaways from these conversations. Is your business looking to grow in 2016? Are you already disrupting an industry? Real Business and Everline are on the search for talented young companies from across Britain for the 2016 Future 50 Awards. You can make your nomination (or nominate your own business) here. The deadline – 11th December – is fast approaching so you don’t have long! If you’re interested in finding out more about disruptive businesses, check out the new Real Business Disrupts site, here. Click here to nominate a disruptive business  

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