From The Bus To The Bedroom: Where Do IT Buyers Research Tech Products?

Four and a half hours is how long the average IT buyer spends researching new tech products and services. Where do they do it though?

Tech Heads, a report on CIO content consumption habits, revealed how much time CIOs spend researching before buying, as well as where they choose to do it. Here are their top five research locations and how they affect tech marketing.

Percentage of IT buyers who research at the following:

  1. Office Desk 64%
  2. Public Transport 50%
  3. Bed 36%
  4. Café 35%
  5. The kitchen 28%

Collecting tech info whenever, wherever

It’s no surprise to see the office desk at the top spot, but the other four are testament to the spread of mobile connectivity.

Being ‘always online’ means CIOs can research whenever and wherever they choose. Work isn’t restricted to office hours.

Pre-purchase research takes place at work, on the commute, when eating, and even before going to sleep, so tech marketers need to make sure their content is compatible across a range of screen sizes so that it can be read on tablets and smartphones.

Quick mobile-friendly checks

Before hitting ‘send’ on your marketing emails, send test versions first to smartphones and tablets and see how it looks on them – simple email designs tend to look the best across all the different formats.

Being optimised for mobile devices also affects your chances of being found in search. Google’s mobilegeddon algorithm update gave priority to mobile-friendly sites. Google’s mobile-friendly test is a quick way to see if your website is up to scratch.

Simply enter a web page URL and hit ‘analyse’. If your site fails the test, Google will tell you what’s not mobile-friendly, such as if the text is too small or links are too close together, and will provide links to guides that will help you go about fixing the specific problems.

If you bear in mind where your content is read by CIOs and perform these checks, then your marketing efforts will be looking their best…whether on the bus or in the bedroom.

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