Future-Proofing PR: What exactly is around the corner?

Every time we get together with PR clients and peers our conversation always seems to end up at the same place – “Wow, things are changing fast!” followed quickly on more reflective thoughts of “I wonder what will my job look like in a few years?”. Well they are the polite ones anyway.

Chats like this have driven lots of thinking at Octopus Group about how we, with our PR scars, stripes and heritage, evolve into new type of agency for the future. So we wanted to put our thoughts on paper to ground our thinking (and make sure it made sense!). So the PR Job Spec of the Future and Future-Proofing the PR Department eBooks are designed as a fun but useful read, for all those PR folk in the technology sector who find themselves challenged by the pressures of their everyday roles and wonder what is around the corner and how to prepare themselves.

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