Great PR And Tea: How To Create A Social Media Stir

Nothing sparks more conversation in the UK than how to make the perfect cup of tea. This ongoing debate was the trigger that led to our idea for the #PerfectCuppa campaign as part of this year’s British Science Week.

We wanted to establish what the scientific variables are when it comes to making the #PerfectCuppa and how they compare to the British tea-drinking public’s preferences.

UPDATE: This campaign has been nominated in the’Best Media Relations Campaign’ category  at PRmoment’s 2016 Awards – see the shortlist here.

Through a perfect blend of traditional PR and social media, the campaign has led to some unbelievable results include:

  • Coverage in the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, BBC Breakfast, Radio 4, Daily Mail, Lorraine, ITV News, Sky, and Stylist
  • International coverage in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malta, Russia and India
  • Reach of over 755 million
  • 140,000 impressions
  • 1,000+ new followers
  • 387 replies
  • 468 favourites
  • 1,539 uses of the #PerfectCuppa hashtag

….and counting!

The great thing about the campaign is its simplicity – we have found that the key to a successful social media campaign is a combination of careful planning and considered outreach tactics.Infographic of the perfect cup of tea

Research: Having a story to hook your social media campaign onto is important. Our first port of call was some consumer research to identify how the nation makes its tea. This gave us a great PR hook for the campaign and really captured the interest of national, broadcast and regional journalists. It also gave us the data necessary to create a variety of mini infographics to use in social media.

Competition: Although the topic of tea is a good conversation starter on its own, offering your followers a little something extra will always help. Tetley Tea helped out by offering the prize of a year’s supply of tea to anyone using the #PerfectCuppa hashtag, retweeting or liking our posts. For obvious reasons, the draw of a year’s supply of tea has significantly helped with our engagement levels!

Find your enthusiasts: An essential part of planning for almost any campaign is to identify your key audiences. We did some in-depth research into who the tea enthusiasts are on social media – who loves to chat about their morning cuppa? Who regularly tweets a picture of their favourite mug? This helped us find tea bloggers and celebrities to target with our #PerfectCuppa competition and ask them to spread the word.

A combination of proactive and reactive: As always with social media, a blend of tactics has led to the most success. Proactively reaching out to our list of enthusiasts, but also monitoring campaign-related keywords and reacting in real time has led to some great results.

Social seeding: Putting a little bit of cash behind a campaign, where possible, can also help. We ran promoted tweets to support the competition and the research. The most important thing is to be targeted in your approach and tailor your message accordingly. In a similar vein to our keyword-driven reactive activity, we also looked for people who mentioned tea in their bio and followers of tea-related accounts.

We have been hugely satisfied with the results of our campaign and it’s great to see that traditional PR still has a place alongside social and digital elements. Planning your outreach and ensuring you are monitoring it regularly really helps this sort of campaign. Obviously, a killer idea is important too!