Happy 12th Birthday Facebook – The future of the world’s biggest social network and how it has evolved

It’s hard to imagine a time without Facebook. Not only do we spend every spare minute of our lives scrolling through our feeds, but in the 12 years since Facebook has been up and running it has significantly changed the way businesses operate, especially when it comes to marketing strategies. Looking back to 2007 when Facebook ‘Pages’ were born, it was a simple idea that allowed individuals to create a relationship with a brand or company. Now, nine years on, these brand pages have become integral to businesses.  Businesses must now seriously consider issues of creating strong brand personalities and keeping a consistent voice through all marketing activity. Although the social media site has given brands a platform and channel for sharing information, it has also required they raise their game in all marketing material. In fact, in most cases, if your company does not have one of these pages you may as well not exist! By giving businesses timelines it also allows you to keep an eye on the competition, which is always handy. Since its inception, Facebook has accumulated over 1.5 billion users and has quickly solidified its position as the perfect place for companies to target their audience. With its unrivalled capabilities in finding out a user’s gender, likes, interest and even shopping habits, Facebook provides a compelling channel for advertising. Over the years, this system has developed and now contains features such as custom audiences, lookalike audiences and even a behaviour feature. Facebook has evolved massively since its launch, and in 2015 alone we saw the addition of instant articles and digital storefronts, as well as updates to messenger and videos. These changes allowed Facebook to provide more and more features for users and it’s likely that they’ll become even more embedded into our lives. The future of Facebook will likely be focused on three fields: artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR) and internet.org. These interesting new areas will likely see Facebook striving to layer virtual objects into the real world and try to connect the 10% of the world that is currently unable to use the internet. By reaching into broader territories, it is clear that Facebook is still at the leading edge in connecting people, places and business. Perhaps in another twelve years we will be able to communicate and market through this giant social network to every single person on this earth… and maybe beyond? GIF via GIPHY

Image via flickr.com/photos/isriya/