Harnessing the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for social selling

When it comes to social selling, are you making the most of everything LinkedIn has to offer? For marketers, businesses, and aspiring thought leaders, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Providing, of course, that you know just how to get the most out of everything on offer…  

We recently launched a guide on the personal branding and content sharing aspect of social selling. As you can learn by downloading your free copy, this was ultimately focused on your profile, and how you can provide your network with value to gain a rep as an expert in your field.

But sharing the right articles and getting involved in the most relevant conversations is far from the end of the story. A comprehensive social selling plan for businesses goes further: we’re talking about a social media strategy beyond posting on corporate channels, whereby the key figureheads of the business (yep, we’re looking at you) are active on social media, building expertise in your field.

Enter our new Sales Navigator guide.

Sales Navigator – LinkedIn’s paid social selling platform – is the next step in the journey for many. So our lead generation experts put their heads together and produced a new mini guide, looking at how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build relationships with your target accounts.

Get Sales Navigator right, and you’ll be able to tap into LinkedIn’s full network. Given this platform boasts capabilities like an in-depth search function, improved visibility and personalised algorithms to encourage best practice account-based selling, it’s a strategy not to be ignored. 

And since there’s already plenty of content out there about the nitty-gritty of using the tool, our guide is purposefully targeted at marketers who won’t directly use Sales Navigator themselves, but are the owners of a social selling strategy.

Download your copy, grab a drink, take five – it’s time to start making sure you’re taking every opportunity to build great relationships with your target accounts.