Hear from Octopus Group MD, Pete Hendrick, on the 414 podcast

Pete was recently invited to speak on the 50th episode of the UK’s number one B2B marketing podcast by founder and presenter James Rostance.  https://the414.net/

The episode focused on how to develop a marketing strategy that your entire company can support and believe in – and in true OG spirit, Pete extolled the virtues of brave thinking as we leave lockdown.

Tune in to hear Pete reflect on how B2B firms have reacted to market conditions and faced up to the balancing act of short vs long term strategy, as the tipping point has been rocked by the current climate. Pete shared his top tips on how to get buy in from the whole company, the nuances of speaking to different personalities within your business, and how agencies can support marketing teams sell a vision.

He also discussed how to approach a bold marketing idea, from conception to stress testing – and highlighted the benefits of being bold.

Listen below for some nuggets that might help you plan your next big idea.