How to B2B like it’s B2C

We know that consumer campaigns get the lion’s share of attention. They often benefit from familiarity, a clear proposition, and eye-catching branding.

But our stock is in brands that speak to businesses. And we know that you can create campaigns aimed at people at work without sacrificing creativity or boldness. In fact, we think creativity and boldness are crucial, no matter the client.

Admittedly there are challenges. B2B businesses are often risk averse, particularly in sectors such as security or finance. Marketers in these industries feel that silliness or lightness in their comms suggests that they don’t take their business seriously. That’s okay – but it’s your job as a marketer to challenge that. Because by playing it safe like everyone else, B2B businesses are likely to blend in and become invisible.

How can you stand out unless you do something different?

We worked with Hectare Agritech to drive subscribers to its SellMyLivestock platform. By launching Tudder, a dating app for cows, with a funny and strategic media campaign, we generated mainstream interest in what is essentially a pretty niche subject. We did it all without losing the serious message around modern farming at the heart of the campaign.   

Tudder was a success because it made the most of what was known about Hectare’s core audience – that farmers like to have a laugh as long as it’s not at their expense – to create a message that resonated. In B2B, you know who your buyer is so you can afford to be more targeted – reaching them wherever they are using content you know they’ll like.

Who’s going to be interested in your dry pamphlet about your latest product updates? Would you be interested if it wasn’t about your business? You’re likely targeting people like you. People in jobs – but still people! What would they like to see? What are they looking for in your product? How can you give them the information they need in a way that’s helpful and easy to digest?

Creativity in B2B requires thinking outside of the box – and guts. But if your CMO or clients buy into the idea, you might just have a brilliant campaign on your hands.