How to get your event #trending on Twitter

Recently, my fellow Octopede Meg French and I joined the board of the London chapter of Girls in Tech. A global non-profit, the organisation exists to support and raise the visibility of women in technology.

Part of our role includes running and promoting events through various channels, the methods we find most effective is spreading the word through our mailing list and via social media. One of our more recent events was a two-day coding workshop, ‘Spring into Code’.spring into code girls in tech

Through Twitter we were able to spread ‘Spring into Code’ far and wide and eventually had #SpringintoCode trending. It is worth noting that since a development by Twitter in 2012, trends are now tailored based on your location and who you follow. This means trends are based on the topics that matter most to you so in this case, those with a vested interest in technology in London will have been most likely to see it.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some tips on how we got the event trending on Twitter:

Choose the right venue

When organising an event, you need a great venue. While location, size, and facilities are still important, we live in a connected world, and it’s worth bearing in mind whether a venue is “tweetable” or worth an Instagram post. A quirky or iconic building can encourage more shares, and therefore further promotion.

‘Spring into Code’ was held at Twitter’s UK HQ, and as you might expect, the offices were quite unusual, and home to sculptures of reindeers and Daleks. Images of the space were shared on Twitter and contributed to the success of the ‘Spring into Code’ hashtag.

Use a strong hashtag

Hashtags should be a crucial element of your event strategy. We chose the hashtag #SpringintoCode and used it before, during and after the event, initially to raise awareness and then to build and carry the momentum of the event over a week or so.

At the event, the hashtag was incorporated into our slides and was one of the first things we mentioned to our bidding coders. We continued to encourage our participants to use the hashtag over the two day event and stayed glued to Twitter to interact with followers. Through the use of a strong and simple hashtag, our message was projected far and eventually trended on Twitter, which was a milestone for us.girls in tech event talk

Social interaction

Interacting with content on social media is essential to reach a larger target audience and promote your event or company further. It is important not only to interact when events are coming up, but stay consistent to keep your Twitter handle engaging and active.

We also made sure that during our panel discussions we used the handles of the speakers to interact with them and therefore target a wider audience. Through the right combination of engaging social content and interaction, using a simple and effective hashtag and choosing the right venue, ‘Spring into Code’ was a success.

By planning beforehand and encouraging attendees to use the hashtag and promote the event via social media, we were able to have a much wider impact.

If you would like to find out more about Girls in Tech and future events, which are open to both men and women, join our mailing list.