How to get your marketing mojo back

As a modern marketer, keeping your core marketing activities ticking along is hard work. With so many bosses to answer to, campaigns to execute and channels to maintain a presence on, it’s tough to just keep your head above the water. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Giving the bosses what they ask for to keep them happy, focusing on the solid (but not superlative) activities that you know will work, or doing what everyone else is doing. But are you working on the stuff that’s really working for your business? Have you lost your marketing mojo? If you feel like you have, you’re not alone. According to Accenture’s Interactive CMO Study, marketers are planning to grow their budgets by 75%, but 42% of them are worried about managing the change. Based on the work that we’ve done with our clients, we have a few ideas. We know first-hand how you can ensure your marketing campaigns deliver real business value and give the sales team a pipeline of quality leads. So when the powers that be come asking for how that extra budget is being used, not only will you be able to point to improved results, you’ll have done it with creativity and flair. Read our free guide to get your marketing mojo back. Download the guide