How to launch a product, and get it right

According to LinkedIn, there are 41,000 people with ‘product marketing’ in their job title, compared with +2,800,000 who work in non-product-specific marketing roles (in the UK and the
US). That’s 0.14% of the market!

Product marketing ownership is important, yet often overlooked. Businesses need to think strategically, but they often don’t have departments (or even people) dedicated to it.

This latest report looks at product launches, and how to get them right. 

We’ve identified three types of launch: the chameleon, the Columbus and the cuckoo. But whichever model you choose, there are steps you can follow to make sure your launch goes to plan. 

Read the eGuide and find out how to deliver the right product to the right people, and packaged-up in the right way.