How To Show The Long-Term Value Of PR Coverage In Under 30 Seconds

So you’ve just secured some great press coverage and have that warm and fuzzy feeling. Rightly so, too. A lot of hard work went into it and it’s rewarding to see the story being picked up by all the right outlets. But what about the long-term benefits of it?

In the fast-moving world of PR, there can be pressure to demonstrate the lasting value of your work and show how coverage makes it easier for prospects to find out about your business.

A quick way to achieve both is to show which pieces of news coverage are driving traffic to your website and contributing to its search engine ranking. Here’s how:

Coverage creates votes for your website

First of all, an overview of how coverage affects SEO is helpful. Every time a website links to your site, it acts as a sort of vote for yours. Those votes are one of the factors that search engines take into account for your website’s ranking. The more links, the better. Not all links carry the same authority though, so some domains will be more influential than others.

Now let’s start showing the long-term benefit of PR coverage.

0-5 Seconds: Head over to Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool and paste your URL into the box at the top. It lets you see all the sites that are linking to yours and, in turn, contributing to your SEO. You can also use it to check a particular a web page by entering a specific address, such as your blog’s, into the URL box.The URL box of Moz's Open Site Explore tool

The tool is free to use, but there’s also a paid subscription version, which has more functionality.

6-9 Seconds: Sit back and wait patiently.

10-14 Seconds: You’ll now see a list of all the external sites that are linking to the URL you entered earlier. Each link will have a domain and page authority score to give you an idea of how influential it is.  The results list of Moz's Open Site Explore tool  

15-29 Seconds: Start scanning that list for some coverage you worked on, and see what authority scores it has.

Once found, there you have it. Proof of how that great piece of coverage, whether a glowing review on a tech site or a game-changing news story, continues to work for your website and represent long-term value.

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