Hubspot’s new features: we cut through the noise

At the INBOUND event in Boston, attended by 26,000 people, HubSpot announced the latest updates to its platform. In this post, three Octopus Group HubSpot users tell us about the features they’re most excited about.

Hilary Casey, account exec within the Demand Gen team, said:

  • Folders in Workflows – ‘Some of our workflows are quite large with multiple branches, entry criteria, and rules. The ability to create folders for these workflows will make them more user-friendly, and make working with them more efficient (especially the feature that allows you to skip to a different step in the workflow). Particularly from the perspective of a client who might not be very familiar with marketing automation, it’ll make the process much simpler.’
  • Native Lead Ad Creation – ‘The ad creation element is cool. I’m not sure how much our team would use it as we don’t have HubSpot access for all the clients we run paid ads for (they don’t all use HubSpot). But the ability to sync leads directly from the platforms into HubSpot, and see exactly which contacts are interacting with your ads, will be really interesting.

Giles Shorthouse, business development manager, said:

  • Connect Workflow if/then Branches using ‘Go to other action’ – ‘The update that immediately caught my eye was a simple one, but a time saver. The ‘Go to other action’ removes the need for replication in workflows, which saves a lot of time building them, and makes complex workflows easier to map.’
  • Attribution Reporting – ‘From a sales perspective, the attribution reporting update coming at the end of the year is of interest. You’ll be able to measure how a specific piece of content or email campaign links directly to sales. Finding out which content works best for your target audience means you can arm sales reps with the best content to catch attention, help prospect, or close deals.’

Emily Andrews, digital content producer, said:

  • Publish Anywhere Social Reports – ‘I publish the majority of Octopus Group’s social media posts from HubSpot, but when posting on-the-go, for example during events, I use my phone.
    Although I take the majority of our social media analytics from the platforms themselves (Twitter Analytics and LinkedIn Analytics), I do like to use HubSpot to filter posts by campaign, and to sort published posts according to most clicks or interactions, so I can see what’s worked.
    This new HubSpot feature would combine the posts I share direct from the platforms and those I post from HubSpot. Although Octopus Group don’t currently use any, I’m particularly impressed that reporting will even include posts from third-party social media management hubs, such as Hootsuite.’