Interviewing the Intern

Joe Connell and Sarah Metherell interview each other about their journey from Interns to Junior Account Executives.  

JC: What was being an intern like?
SM: It didn’t really feel like how I’d imagine an internship to be. I thought your average internship would be serving teas & coffees and doing your average mundane tasks like photocopying.
JC: Yeah I agree. I came from doing lots of temping roles that weren’t really fulfilling and it was great to be welcomed into a team that were so passionate about their work.
SM: I temped for a while too but this is definitely the best role yet. From the start, we were in the thick of it from writing blogs to creating social posts.  

SM: What is your favourite thing about the agency?
JC: I love how tight knit the team is here and how everyone was so welcoming when I joined as an intern. As I mentioned, this was a huge difference to the disconnection I felt when I was temping.
SM: Mine is the Octopus Group culture. I don’t know any other job that encourages you to stop work at half 4 on a Friday to drink beer and wine AKA Beer O’Clock! JC: The nights out are also great fun and they have their own summer festival!  

JC: How has your role changed since being hired full time as Junior Account Executive?
SM: It’s changed so much! When I first started, I didn’t really know a great deal about the industry. Now I am integral cog in a PR campaign for one of our clients which is a huge a step up from being an intern. This means that I am in charge of collating journalist information, writing pitches and securing product coverage.
JC: I have been given much more creative freedom and responsibility since being hired full time. I’m now playing a bigger part in client campaigns.  

SM: What does a day at Octopus Group consist of?
JC: My usual day consists of doing a MediaReach, which means that I scan the internet for relevant news stories and then send them on to clients. I also prepare social posts on Twitter and LinkedIn for various clients most days. Aside from that, every day is different! One day I could be pitching blog ideas to journalists, the other I could be creating a media list for a client.
SM: Yeah, that is what I think is so great about working in an agency. It is always so varied and never gets boring. In the morning you could be monitoring your client’s Google Analytics account and in the afternoon you could be helping out at a client event. There is never a dull day.  

JC: Would you recommend others to pursue a career with Octopus Group?
SM: Absolutely! Starting off as an Intern at Octopus Group has given me such good experience to begin my career with and I have learnt so much from my team and everyone I have worked with.
JC: Yeah I feel the same! It’s a really vibrant and forward thinking company with a great social aspect too. I’d recommend Octopus Group to anyone! If you want to be part of Octopus Group, view current vacancies here.